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Home Video Surveillance System

Residential video surveillance systems help you keep an eye on your home.

Home video surveillance systems play a very important role in fighting against crime and protecting your home, property and loved ones. Superior Alarm Company’s expert consultants will custom design a surveillance system to meet your needs based on your property layout and requirements. 

We offer an extensive range of products including digital video recorders (which will allow you to view activities offsite from any computer or smart phone with an internet connection), monitors, indoor and outdoor cameras to provide total coverage of the yards, driveways, and your mailbox.

Home video surveillance systems can also help provide peace of mind for families and homes where house cleaners or home healthcare workers are present, as well as enabling parents and guardians to keep an eye on the children while the babysitter is there.

Why choose Superior Alarm Company for your Home Video Surveillance System?

  1. Your residential video surveillance system can be integrated with any computer or smart phone. Superior Alarm Company serves over thousands of homes and businesses with state-of-the-art security camera systems.
  2. Exceptional customer service. As a family-owned, local business, Superior Alarm Company’s entire team is dedicated to your satisfaction – from your first contact through the consultation and design process, from installation to teaching you how to use your system. Once you become a Superior Alarm Company security camera system owner, we are available at any time to help with any questions you have about your system.
  3. Free, no-pressure, no-obligation home video surveillance system consultation. At Superior Alarm Company, your delight and safety are our primary goals – so when you contact us to schedule your consultation, we’ll come talk with you openly and honestly, and recommend only what you need. We never try to up-sell you. We don’t use any “sales tricks” to get you to buy. We share information and our industry-leading expertise with you, and talk with you to help decide on the surveillance system and service that’s right for you.
  4. The latest and greatest technology. Superior Alarm Company provides and installs only commercial grade camera products that are synonymous with quality. All of our residential surveillance equipment incorporates the latest digital HD technology to provide the very best in terms of video clarity, definition and zoom.
  5. Transparent, simple pricing. Your residential video surveillance system price quote from Superior Alarm will be simple and clear. We will walk you through every option and every investment you are making in your home surveillence system and make sure you understand your investment perfectly.


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